Frequently Asked Questions
How do you pay the bills?
We rely on the contributions of good hearted people. Every vote cast will always equal a full dollar donated to the winning charity. No questions asked. When a user gives more than a dollar it allows us to cover our costs. Otherwise we are self funded and just doing our best to do some good in this world.
Is my donation tax deductible?
No, it is not. We also don't let anyone donate more than any of our members can. The money donated is a group donation coming from The Good Crowd as an organization.
How do I know the nonprofits are legitimate?
The Good Crowd takes the necessary time to make sure the organization is legitimate and stands behind the mission that their brand represents. We do all of this before the organizations are even allowed onto our voting platform.
How do I know my money actually goes to the nonprofits?
The Good Crowd strives to be transparent with their members and nonprofit partners. Our process includes a follow-up with our monthly winners showcasing how they are putting your money to good use. Check our social media pages for current updates.
How do I see what is being done with my money?
Each month, The Good Crowd will announce a winner and the amount that is being donated. Check our social media pages for updates and, most importantly, remember to place your vote each month.
How does $1 make any difference at all?
As much as we appreciate your dollar (and so will the nonprofits) what we need is your voice. The Good Crowd is a way to show what causes you care about and where you want to see big changes happen. So, let’s hear it!
Do I get to choose which nonprofits are up for the vote?
We encourage you to submit suggestions for nonprofits and our team will put the nomination through our vetting process. Though you do not get to choose which three nonprofit organizations are up for the vote each month, you have a vote to help choose a winner.
Can I give more than one dollar?
I’m sure you’ve been upsold by enough salesman in your life, so we are going to spare you the trouble. Whether you’re Nicolas Cage or the ‘average Joe’ (we don’t think you’re average, Joe), you can only vote once a month. If you decide to contribute more than a dollar a month only about 17 cents of that excess dollar won't go to the winning non profit. Its how we pay for the ability to text you. Please don't block us! If you do, its cool, but please don't!
How do I become a partner influencer?
Reach out to us! We love it when people and organizations use their social influence to bring more good to the good crowd. Reach out to He will get you everything you need to become part of this great, good, cause!